The Road Best Traveled

Welcome to Tobacco Road Purveyors! We believe strongly in quality over quantity in life and our brand. 

Born in the South

We were born and raised on Tobacco Road, and this is where we learned to appreciate hard work, heritage, craftsmanship and the ride. TRP was founded to celebrate all there is to love about the Carolinas, the South and the Good Ole' U.S. of A. We're storytellers and designers at heart, and we're spreading the word one shirt at a time.

Handmade is the Only Way

Nothing says Carolina quality quite like handmade goods. Every product we make is a limited run and is printed or stamped by hand in our design studio. The goods we source are made in the USA and locally, here in the Carolinas, when possible. This is our promise to you. We hope you agree that it's the only way to make it good.